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  3. Hi, @Etz! They're using the Akamai Captcha, which is a javascript+cookie-based method of preventing exactly what you're trying to do. It looks like it should be possible to harvest sufficient information from the javascript and build the cookies manually, but it looks like it's going to be a nightmare to setup initially and a single change on their side will break it, so I wouldn't bother with it.
  4. "Automatically" in the sense that it happens on a regular basis, without user interaction, or via some form of switch? As I'm sure you know, /export includes the app commands as well as all other app-specific properties. I suspect you might actually be talking about the global commands. If so, they're included in your jobs.db backup, but you can export those to an external file using Sqlite, DB4S, powershell with an sqlite assembly, or your favorite SQLite editor: SELECT `SettingPath`,`SettingValue` FROM `settings` WHERE `SettingPath` IN ( 'PostUpdateCommand','PostUpdateCommandType',
  5. Yes. Anything you want to execute can be performed in the pre-update command. You can use this to do something like email yourself, or pipe to a text file, or with the /log parameter. If done correctly, you can use just about any information you like (anything you've stored in a variable) in order to send it to yourself. There is a great example of creating your own changelog here using the "after updating an application" global command. I leave Ketarin open 24/7 and pipe the results of every download to a log file in a global after-update command, and within the pre-update command for a
  6. It seems creating a variable using https://docs.tenable.com/Nessus.htm with regex <?Latest Release Notes.*?blank\">(.*?)</a><! would give you the latest version, which would allow you to do this.
  7. I'm pretty bad at explaining things, but I guess a shorter question would be is there any way I can create an application in Ketarin to check for updates that isn't an actual application/binary? Take for example Nessus. It changes the download path to a random URL that I could probably automate if I was better at it, but I'd be perfectly content with the "Update Available" notification upon just finding a change in the update history or a listing of the current version.
  8. If you're just looking for an Nvidia app profile, here's mine. Be aware that they no longer provide 32-bit drivers, so this is for the latest US-English 64-bit WHQL GeForce driver. It would only take a couple variable changes to modify the language/location, and other details. They're all stuffed into URL parameters so it's pretty easy to fix. <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <Jobs> <ApplicationJob xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" Guid="db7445b0-3205-40e7-9c43-3502db1382f1"> <Category>Driv
  9. You're confusing two languages: batch and Ketarin. Ketarin variables are the native variables as well as those you create yourself on the variables page. The Ketarin variables are, of course, processed before batch variables since the batch script is generated *from* Ketarin. This means that you will never use a "{%whatever%}" syntax, but might very well use a "%{whatever}%" syntax, depending on what you're putting in your variables. You could, for example, use a global Ketarin variable to specify what path you would like to extract to and use that in place of the {whatever} and have it proces
  10. There are a couple examples using the pre-update command to perform the actual download via an external program. I use this process with several apps that don't play well with Ketarin or otherwise require additional handling (like torrent-based downloads).
  11. Ah, I see. The text was selected when it was created, it's just confusing because it doesn't show anything, so it looked like nothing was configured. I guess I was expecting it to show the start/end text somewhere, like it does for regex. Thanks.
  12. This is how start/end works. If you create a new one and play with it you'll see how it works.
  13. I'm afraid some sites don't play well with Ketarin or any other automated means of analysis. This is one of them.
  14. Hi, I'm new to Ketarin and trying to keep PreForm updated. Formlabs appear to be using a table to display the version numbers, which isn't exposed when looking at the page source code. I'm stumped how I might go about reading this from Ketarin. Does anyone have any pointers? URL is https://support.formlabs.com/s/article/PreForm-Release-Notes?language=en_US Many thanks. Michael.
  15. Not a bug but rather an issue with the design. The commands tab uses the term "Batch script" which would indicate the need to use double percents (%%) in a for loop, but after spending probably close to 15 minutes trying to figure out why a simple script wasn't working no matter what I tried, I finally changed them to single percents (%) and it worked. So clearly Ketarin is running the commands directly, not as a batch file as implied, causing much confusion and wasted time. This should be clarified somehow. Also, the special variables page states simply (and confusingly), that the {file}
  16. Not really a bug, but even when the folder for an application exists, if the application itself doesn't, when right-clicking on an application, the open folder entry is greyed out. And setting a hotkey in settings to open the folder just causes it to open to the desktop.
  17. I found this years old thread searching on this issue, and it appears the target column is having the same issue mentioned back then. I can resize all others except status, which I assume isn't meant, for some reason, to be able to be resized, since it was mentioned that was the case back then. Between this and the fact hovering over text that's longer than the column width doesn't show a tooltip, the only way to see the entire path is to maximize the window.
  18. I've been going through and importing applications from the online database then editing them. I imported Core Temp 32bit-64bit and when I go to variables it simply has {link} and {version} which are both set to "Content from URL (start/end) using URL http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/ but the search box is empty, yet they both find what they're looking for. How?
  19. I'm new to Ketarin, so not sure if I can help, but this seems like you should just set it up to check the changelog page and set it to not download but only check for updates (advanced settings tab).
  20. Thanks a lot for the help! That's a good trick to know about the header. When you say capturing groups, I assume you mean the parts in parenthesis, so in the example (?<=AIMP for Windows.*?)v([\d\.]+[\d]*)[\D]+([\d]+)< the first capturing group is ([\d\.]+[\d]*) and the second is ([\d]+), but only the first, as you said, is actually captured? Too bad there's not a way to do multiples.
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