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Deploy downloaded Updates to WSUS (Local Publishing)


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Hi there,

recently I stumbled across Ketarin. To regularly check for current versions, the tool is exactly what I was looking for as an admin.
Now the challenge remains to bring these updates to the clients as well. Of course, there are enough tools for money to do that. But we want this to be open source....
As an update source I have a WSUS. And with WSUS Package Publisher or Local Update Publisher(a bit older) I can also insert single 3rd party updates into WSUS.
All that is needed now is to combine these two techniques.
Download an update via Ketarin and push it into WSUS.
Anyone here who can program something like this?


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It should still be two steps -- download with Ketarin and install with WSUS. Store files you download with Ketarin directly in your file share using the same name (use the  "save to file" option to select where it is stored and with an unversioned name so it can be installed using the same WSUS profile. Then in WSUS you just write up the update the same as you would normally, using the share name and path that you used in Ketarin for the source.

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