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Help setting up silent install

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Currently my setup is set to Start process {file}.  This works with opening the .exe after Ketarin downloads the file and I can click next and the map installs to the proper directory that the map files are stored for the game.  However if I add the /S (NSIS) argument the installer does install silently, but it just installs the map to the same folder the .exe file is in.  I'm pretty new to this so as much help setting the proper install path i can get would be great.

Current setup of map installer.

- Maps downloads are .exe files, and use the NSIS installer.

- opening .exe I have to click Next> then click I Agree to the License Agreement.

- Map begins installing and the maps folder is placed in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Activision\CoDWaW\mods

- The map folder will always be located at the same directory, except for the username will be different.



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I don't play COD, so this is based only on what you said. Since the maps are located in the User folder you have three options:

1) You can use the "/D" switch to set the installation directory:

"{file}" /S /D="%LocalAppData%\Activision\CoDWaW\mods"

2) You can copy the EXE file there and run it from that folder:

copy /y "{file}" "%LocalAppData%\Activision\CoDWaW\mods\"
"%LocalAppData%\Activision\CoDWaW\mods\{file:filename}" /S

3) If you want to install it for all users on a device you can run it from the download folder and copy the files into each mods folder (assumes that the download folder has ONLY the installation file and nothing else in it):

"{file}" /S
for /d %%u in (c:\users\*) do (
    robocopy "{file:directory}" "%%u\AppData\Local\Activision\CoDWaW\mods" /xf "{file:filename}"


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Yes, two ways I can think of.

Option 1) Edit the XML: it might be a bit of a challenge if you're not comfortable with XML.

The easy way is to find+replace the command in the raw XML. 

Select-all in the main Ketarin interface then copy (CTRL+C).

Open Notepad++ (or your favorite text editor with accurate find & replace support).

Find & replace the previous command(s) with the new one.

Select all, copy, paste back into Ketarin. 


Option 2) Use a database editor to assign the ExecuteCommand value to the new command. 

Use DB4S to open the jobs.db file. "Browse Data" for the jobs table. Either paste the command into the ExecuteCommand column for each of your maps or use SQL to change it on several at once. If you're comfortable with using an SQL command you can use one of these, but I recommend you backup your jobs.db file first.

This one applies the new command to EVERY profile you have:

UPDATE jobs SET ExecuteCommand = '"{file}" /S /D="%LocalAppData%\Activision\CoDWaW\mods"';

This one applies the new command to ONLY the profiles in the category "Mods":

UPDATE jobs SET ExecuteCommand = '"{file}" /S /D="%LocalAppData%\Activision\CoDWaW\mods"' WHERE Category='Mods';


Good luck.

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So I've come back to trying to add the silent install but I am having problems with the "/D" switch. This is my setup, but when I run install, the .exe just installs to where the .exe was downloaded to and not to %LocalAppData%\Activsion\CoDWaW\mods".2020-06-01_8-51-28.jpg.14869bd1a730ef132c45a6a826c31878.jpg

What am I doing wrong?  Any help will be much appreciated.

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Ok I figured  out why it wasn't installing to the correct path.  It was because the ("") quotes around "%LocalAppData%\Activsion\CoDWaW\mods", removing the quotes installed the .exe to the correct path.  It's strange because earlier I did remove the quotes and try to download, but upon saving the settings the quotes returned, although I am certain I removed them.   I guess I just have to be more careful saving the settings and make sure the quotes are not there.

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I've tested this method with 20 .exe files, 16 out of the 20 installed just fine and the .exe's were installed silently to the correct folder.  However 4 of the .exe downloaded fine, and said the installation was successful, but when I checked the the folder where they were suppose to install to they were no where to be found. 

Here is one of the .exe's I'm having trouble with: https://1drv.ws/u/s!AjyAcx9AtLxQhlao3RaXFJtCKi-N?e=oWbj1m

If anyone could test this and be able to use /S silent install, and /D to install to a specific folder, that would be great.

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It's entirely possible that they're not all using the same engine or have disabled the Silent switch. Have you tried the ones that don't work in automation from a command line to see if it's something with the download or permissions? LocalAppData is also a user-specific folder so, if you have Ketarin running elevated, they may not resolve.

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I was working on something else and found a link to the NSIS switch information page that might be useful for you. Notably, the /D switch must be the last parameter and NOT include quotes even if there are spaces in the path. The correct command then is:

"{file}" /S /D=%LocalAppData%\Activision\CoDWaW\mods

I would be concerned with this since it means that ampersands (&) in the username could result in executing files on the client side in the context of Ketarin. For example, a username like 'Bob & Sue" would translate to:

"{file}" /S /D=c:\users\Bob & Sue\AppData\Local\Activision\CoDWaW\mods

The ampersand means that this is actually two commands:

"{file}" /S /D=c:\users\Bob



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