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"Check for Updates" is the same as "Downloading"


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Why did I run the "Check for Updates" program to overwrite the old version with the new version? And the second check, then it will tell me that there is no new version. It's a function of just checking the version, not updating / downloading the program on the PC.

For example: I take the Ketarin with me to different places and I just want to see if there is a new version, but at the moment I will not update it.

Still very much like to see in the new version the possibility of the column "Previous version"

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Based on your description it's working as intended.

Ketarin doesn't re-download files that are already downloaded. To do so would be a waste of resources. You can use the "force" option to make it re-download, but that's rarely necessary once you have your apps configured correctly.

The default behavior is to check for updates and download updates if they are newer than what is already downloaded. To "check for updates only" click the chevron next to "update all" and select "check all for updates only, do not download."

Some sites actually publish a stub instead of the real application, or don't have the new version published to the download URL when they change the version information, so you may experience problems where the version number is different but the actual content is not. 

The biggest issue you are likely to experience from your message above is the "taking it somewhere else" and checking for updates. If the drive letter or path changes to your Ketarin cache then there's a good chance that there will be obscure problems with the downloads. Some files may be forced to download again, or, if the path in your output structure is invalid they will not be able to download at all. There are workarounds posted here to accomplish it anyway (such as remapping your USB to a different drive letter). Search forum for details.

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Probably you do not understand me, I use an interpreter, now I'll try to explain in more detail. :)

25 minutes ago, shawn said:

Ketarin doesn't re-download files that are already downloaded. To do so would be a waste of resources.

Of course! I do not need to download the file again, I just need to check the version on the site and do not save it in the database, because I did not update the program myself.

Example in GIF: http://i.imgur.com/WCcHjAS.gifv

1) I check the version
2) I am informed that the version has changed
3) I check the version again, already tells me that there is no new version, but I did not download it.


As I understand the menu items:

"Update" - check the version and if it has changed, then download the program, save to the database.
"Check for update" - check the version, do not make any changes in the database, when you check again, it will report the new version again.
"Force download" - forced to download the program by reference, without any checks.

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i viewed your GIF. this is most likely a problem with the specific application (HiddeX). please share the Ketarin XML for that application and I'll investigate why it's not working. I suspect that what the website has (and what is in the "download" field) is *not* a unique file based on the version, but rather a "stub" or generic installation package that actually downloads the rest of the installation package during installation.

To get the Ketarin XML: select the HiddeX application from the list and press CTRL+C. Return to this thread, click the "code <>" button, and paste the XML in there.

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4 hours ago, shawn said:

this is most likely a problem with the specific application (HiddeX)

This happens with any config.


<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
  <ApplicationJob xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" Guid="c2722a4e-b19e-402c-90d2-3ddcccb0eacf">
    <WebsiteUrl />
    <UserAgent />
    <UserNotes />
    <DownloadDate xsi:nil="true" />
    <HashVariable />
    <HttpReferer />
    <SetupInstructions />
            <Regex>Version (\d+\.\d+\sbuild\s\d+)</Regex>
            <Regex />
    <ExecuteCommand>echo %date% - %time% // {appname} v{version} &gt;&gt; "{file:directory}"\history.txt</ExecuteCommand>
    <ExecutePreCommand />
    <FileHippoId />


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  • 5 weeks later...

Sorry for the delay in responding. This is the problem:


With this option selected, which equates to the application, Advanced settings, "Do not download, check for updates only" checkbox, it will -- as desired -- ONLY check for updates and NOT download new files, even if it discovers that a newer version is available. UNCHECK this box to enable it to download as well.

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