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I'm sure there is a more elegant, efficient, and generic way to do this, I just threw this together and it works. As long as the webpage adheres to a few hardcoded rules, that is...


1. Add new application to Ketarin.

2. For Download Source, choose URL and enter: {url}

3. Click 'variables' button and add a variable: url

4. For Contents from URL, enter: http://www.visionapp.com/download.html

5. For Use Regular Expression, enter: (?=http://download\..{0,50}?vRD2008.*?)http.*?\.zip

6. Click OK

7. Choose a filename or folder as desired

8. For Spoof HTTP referrer, enter: http://www.visionapp.com/download.html

9. Click OK


Right-click and choose 'update' and see if you get your download.




EDIT: I changed the regex a little bit for less backtracking. It could still be much more efficient, and generic as well.

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