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  1. Thank you very much! Works for me Edit: Unfortunately, not completely. I got an error for iTunes (Download URL for FileHippo ID 'itunes' cannot be found.) and VLC Media Player (404) as well as Silverlight. thanks!
  2. Thanks for the new beta. Unfortunately, apps with a 32/64 bit version don't work so far...
  3. OMG. I had a typo in the variable Month. Sorry. Problem solved...
  4. I am filling 2 variables with values and like to combine in a textual one. My ambition is only to use the variable {version} in my output path.
  5. Hi, I'd like to combine 2 variables in 1 using a textual content variable. Example Code in the textual one {Version_YEAR}-{Version_MONTH} Unfortunately just the first variable {Version_YEAR} is written in the output filename. Whats wrong? Thanks in advance for your help! Chris
  6. hi shawn, thank you for your example. I am using this for the affected downloads.
  7. Hi Electrosokk, thanks alot for your help. Your example works! Is it possible to read the lenght of the string first, to avoid errors if the version switches a lenght of 5 digits?
  8. Hi all, I am new to Ketarin in using functions on variables. How can I edit a variable that has no points in the version string I grab on the download page? Example: v7460 (this is the value of my variable) I want: v7.4.6.0 I tried some things using "multireplace" without success... Thanks for your help!
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