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  1. It seems creating a variable using https://docs.tenable.com/Nessus.htm with regex <?Latest Release Notes.*?blank\">(.*?)</a><! would give you the latest version, which would allow you to do this.
  2. Ah, I see. The text was selected when it was created, it's just confusing because it doesn't show anything, so it looked like nothing was configured. I guess I was expecting it to show the start/end text somewhere, like it does for regex. Thanks.
  3. Not a bug but rather an issue with the design. The commands tab uses the term "Batch script" which would indicate the need to use double percents (%%) in a for loop, but after spending probably close to 15 minutes trying to figure out why a simple script wasn't working no matter what I tried, I finally changed them to single percents (%) and it worked. So clearly Ketarin is running the commands directly, not as a batch file as implied, causing much confusion and wasted time. This should be clarified somehow. Also, the special variables page states simply (and confusingly), that the {file} variable should be enclosed "in double quotes (”) if the path contains spaces." There are two issues here: it doesn't specify whether the quotes need to be inside (which I wrongly assumed) or outside (what I found after much troubleshooting) the braces and the term "double quotes" implies it needs to be ""{...}"" which is clearly not the case, and it should simply say "quotes." Finally, I tried including {}'s as part of a command (7z.exe e -o{%download_path%} "{file}" *.exe) but it wouldn't work, presumably due to Ketarin thinking the {%download_path%} was one of its variables, even though such a variable doesn't exist. So unless I'm missing something, it seems impossible to have 7-Zip unpack a download into the download directory without first changing to that directory, which is also much harder than it should be due to a lack of a {download_path} variable (an issue I've submitted on userecho).
  4. Not really a bug, but even when the folder for an application exists, if the application itself doesn't, when right-clicking on an application, the open folder entry is greyed out. And setting a hotkey in settings to open the folder just causes it to open to the desktop.
  5. I found this years old thread searching on this issue, and it appears the target column is having the same issue mentioned back then. I can resize all others except status, which I assume isn't meant, for some reason, to be able to be resized, since it was mentioned that was the case back then. Between this and the fact hovering over text that's longer than the column width doesn't show a tooltip, the only way to see the entire path is to maximize the window.
  6. I've been going through and importing applications from the online database then editing them. I imported Core Temp 32bit-64bit and when I go to variables it simply has {link} and {version} which are both set to "Content from URL (start/end) using URL http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/ but the search box is empty, yet they both find what they're looking for. How?
  7. I'm new to Ketarin, so not sure if I can help, but this seems like you should just set it up to check the changelog page and set it to not download but only check for updates (advanced settings tab).
  8. Thanks a lot for the help! That's a good trick to know about the header. When you say capturing groups, I assume you mean the parts in parenthesis, so in the example (?<=AIMP for Windows.*?)v([\d\.]+[\d]*)[\D]+([\d]+)< the first capturing group is ([\d\.]+[\d]*) and the second is ([\d]+), but only the first, as you said, is actually captured? Too bad there's not a way to do multiples.
  9. Interesting. A seems cleaner, B seems easier. I didn't even think of working it that way, pulling the full string then removing the part I don't want. Though if that's possible, I do wonder if it could be done the way I was thinking, by taking each part individually and combining them, albeit requiring more complexity and an additional variable. I'm not sure how to accomplish A, though, and would appreciate if you could give a brief explanation. And I'd also still like clarification on how it's decided what part of a match is actually used, e.g. in my examples, why the v isn't included even when after, not in, the look-behind.
  10. I'm trying to figure out how exactly the regex parsing works when creating a variable, specifically why some parts are included and some aren't and how to grab multiple parts into one variable, if that's even possible. Here's the example I'm working with: And here's one of many variations of regex I've tried: I'm fairly familiar with regex, though not as good with it as I'd like to be, and I've read the mini-tutorial by appyface, but I'm still unclear on some things. First, how does it determine what parts of the found string to actually use (red highlighted, 4.70 in this example) and which parts to not use (blue highlighted, v and , build 2248< in this example)? I would think I would have to put those in a look-ahead and look-behind, but leaving them to be part of the regex match doesn't cause them to be included in the variable. Second, is there any way to have the 4.70 used, skip the ", build " and then concatenate the 2248 (preferably with a . between it and the first part)? Or is the only way to do this to set one to one variable, the other to another, then set the version variable to var1+var2 (assuming that's even possible in Ketarin)?
  11. I tried setting global variables for the path and filename, e.g. path=path\to\save\files\{category}\ and filename={appname:regexreplace:([\s\t\r\n\&]+): } {version}.{url:ext} but variables inside of variables don't seem to work, and everything is taken literally. It would be great if this could work, since then if it ever needed to be changed it could just be changed there and that would affect everything, but I've tried escaping the braces and it doesn't help. Is this possible?
  12. Ok, so since I was using the import from online database function, and that doesn't have the save as default button, that's why I wasn't figuring it out. It's really the type of thing I would expect to be in settings, not as an addition to the main interface, and certainly not in some windows but not others. Also, the use of two separate options to save to file or save in folder is a bit unusual and confusing. And since your example shows save to file being used, I tried that, but then it wouldn't let me just choose the folder (obviously) or enter "{category}\{appname:regexreplace:([\s\t\r\n\-\&]+):_} {version}.{url:ext}" as the file, so I canceled, selected save in folder, navigated to the folder and selected it, then appended that to the end of it and changed it back to save to file (not sure if that part was needed, but I can't find anything on the difference, so I'm assuming save in folder will interpret the whole string as a folder). Just seems unintuitive and like it could be easier. So is there a way to make the import from online database option the default? And is the online database just a wild west type thing where people just create whatever and add it? Because a lot of them hardly have anything in them, just the name and category and {url} or {download_url}. Figured it out, am going through creating new entries, though still have to figure out how to determine the appropriate install commands/switches, and how to upload them so others can use them. As for not getting the emails, I've had it happen before with at least one other forum, though it's rare. I'm not blocking it, and I receive other mail. I use a mail forwarding service, and it doesn't even show receipt of anything from here, so I'm not sure what the problem is. I'll check and make sure the service isn't blocking those IPs for some reason.
  13. Oh great, another forum that doesn't email me like it's supposed to when I get replies... I looked at the special variable page, but I still don't see how to do what I want, and based on your answers, I'm guessing it's not possible, which is crazy. When I add a new program, and I edit it, I can't hit ok because it tells me I need to set a download location. What I want is for this to always, on every newly created entry, to be filled in automatically with a path I specify, perhaps with path\{category}. If I'm understanding your responses correctly, I can create a variable called, e.g., {downloads} and specify it as that (path\{category}), but I'd still need to then manually enter {downloads} in every new item. Another thing that seems like it would be frustrating going through creating dozens/hundreds of items is that you can't set which action when clicking the "Add new application" button is the default, so to import from online database, which seems like it would be the easiest way, as theoretically it's already configured (though every time I've tried it's not, so I have no clue what the point of it is), you have to click the drop-down arrow and select that every...single...time. There's not even a key shortcut like there is for new application (Ctrl+N), so that option can be accessed either via a key combo or clicking the button, whereas the option that seems like it would be more useful requires two clicks either way. Seriously, am I just really not understanding this program, or is it much more complicated to use than it should be?
  14. I feel like I'm missing something because this seems like a basic ability that must be there, but I don't see any way to do it. I'd like to be able to set a default directory, perhaps with a {category} subdirectory, for all downloads to go to, so I don't have to manually edit each one and set it. Is that possible?
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