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  1. I'm pretty bad at explaining things, but I guess a shorter question would be is there any way I can create an application in Ketarin to check for updates that isn't an actual application/binary? Take for example Nessus. It changes the download path to a random URL that I could probably automate if I was better at it, but I'd be perfectly content with the "Update Available" notification upon just finding a change in the update history or a listing of the current version.
  2. Currently, I use Ketarin as my mostly one-stop shop to download all executables and then convert them into Chocolatey packages. However, there are a few executables that I don't think it will be possible to automatically download using Ketarin. For example, I was unable to setup downloads for some of the software I maintain, such as: Tenable Nessus/Nessus Agent, applications that require logins (SecureCRT), vCenter/ESXi updates, RPMs, etc. With that said, I feel like it would be relatively easy to find a revision history page and trigger an update in Ketarin, maybe by even just creating a te
  3. This is great work! Just noticed the software update, and I'm really glad this is working now.
  4. I had a setup previously working to download the latest version of JRE8 from this URL (https://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp), but as of a few weeks ago, Ketarin would load the page with a line of '<noscript>This site requires JavaScript to be enabled.</noscript>'. It works fine in a browser, so I'm curious if there's something I can tweak in the settings to workaround this issue or not.
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