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Dark Mode support


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For us night owls. Not ma major issue but it would make it easier on my eyes.

For clarification: Dark Mode refers to a design where the background is black and text/UI elements are white or grey. Inverted colors is not the same as DM. Also High Contrast theme in Windows is not a solution as that effects ALL programs. Even those that have native DM integration.


Proper implementation of DM problably requires some betas and feedback (for which i am volunteering my time gladly). Otherwise it may actually hurt the visibility of some UI elements.

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Voted +3

Sad to see no progress on this. It's been over 2 years without so much as a reply from Flo.

It's 3rd most voted feature request.

The main goal would be to get the main window DM. It's easier to deal with smaller dialog boxes that are white.

Looking at other DM implementations it usually takes several releases to get things right.

But due to rising energy costs, OLED's as monitors being more common and general move towards DM i feel it's worth considering at least.

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