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[REQ] - Update individual application by command line

Guest wattpuppy

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Guest wattpuppy

I would like to be able to use Ketarin to manage my updates for a certain application.  I would like to call Ketarin in a batch file passing in the application name, have it download the update, launch the task to apply the update, then return the the batch file to continue and run the application.


What I would like to see is....

ketarin /update=(APPLICATION) 


which would be the equivalent of opening Ketarin, right-clicking on the application name, clicking "Update".

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Guest wattpuppy

What I'm trying to accomplish is allowing apps to update themselves without the need in running the full update in Ketarin.  I'd like to be able to launch a commandline that says "update this application (which includes pulling down any updates and executing the silent install process for it)" then launch the freshly updated and installed app as normal.

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I support this request!

As workaround (not tested yet) you can use one database file per application. You can then start Ketarin with "Ketarin.exe /database=DBFILENAME /silent /exit".
To end the application before, and start it again after completing the update, you can use the global commands in File -> Settings -> Commands (or CTRL+T).

There you can choose between "before update" and "after update" -command events. Use batch commands like "TASKKILL /F /IM filename.exe" in the "Before updating an application" -field to kill a running process and "START filename.exe" in the "After updating an application"-field to start the application again.


Or you can use an extra database for that kind of "check if running, kill the app, install/update & start again" -applications. And instead of using the global commands, you can use setup instructions for every single application.

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