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  1. Good Morning - That you for your reply. It wouldn't be put on multiple clients - just a single server. Within SCCM, you can package applications for deployment using a variety of methods. A source path for the app's content is defined and when the package is distributed prior to deployment, it basically copies the content in the source location out remotely. All of this may be done via PowerShell as well. What I'm attempting is to add an application into Ketarin that I have packaged in SCCM. When it updates and installs, I'll have a script in Ketarin which instead of installing the
  2. Good Afternoon - First of all, I wanted to say thank you for the tool - it's great! There's one thing I've been curious about that would be a huge enhancement if possible, though. I worked heavily with SCCM (Configuration Manager). It offers numerous features including the ability to package & deploy applications to users/systems or even advertise them to an internal catalog or "Store" for users to browse and install. One time-sink if having many applications is keeping them and their source files up to date. There are a few tools & scripts which search and allow you to crea
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