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  1. RT @JesseLaGreca: New test: replace the word "Muslims" with "Jews" and then ask yourself "Do I sound like a fucking Nazi?"

  2. RT @NASA: Our satellite data helps monitor outbreaks of toxic algae in U.S. lakes. http://t.co/skyNuqEiSl #EarthRightNow http://t.co/KwpdZs…

  3. RT @ZainaErhaim: #ISIS has cut off all kind of fuel on northern #Syria 1 litre of diesel z (1.5 $) f u could find any! No generators=no ele…

  4. RT @fightfortheftr: Breaking: on Christmas Eve, NSA admits it broke laws for nearly a decade spying on Americans http://t.co/peXF0UQ0tg

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