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"|" character inside one placeholder option


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Is it possible to include one option in a "placeholder" (from a point in a Softpedia template) where I will have the "|" character as part of the specific option?


e.g.: I have 3 options, and the last one include both the 1st and the 2nd; I've tried escaping the "|" character but it did not work...

<placeholder name="Internal (Softpedia) or External (App Site) or Any (both) Sources?" value="Softpedia\|External" options="Softpedia|External|Softpedia\|External" />

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If escaping it didn't work, then it's unlikely you can, right now.

many thanks for your asnwer, Shawn! :)


I'm gonna try to use | instead of the | char on those specific places... Let's see if it works...


Edit: nope, the Template Entry Window interprets it as a regular | char and divides the desired option into 2; too bad...

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