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...perhaps someone finds some use...a way to get version info from the downloaded file and importing it into a ketarin variable and rename a file based on its version number...import does not work, the command to get version number does...

Topic where this was discussed: https://ketarin.org/...tarin-variable/

I thoroughly enjoyed that, Tomorrow. I'm not a guy that's particularly comfortable with .vbs scripts, but I do enjoy them whenever I can understand what they do... :lol: (which is true in this case ;) )


Ah. That would be why. I use a multihomed internet connection with two separate ISPs in order to ensure that my 'net never goes down. I don't think I've ever used the option to 'check only'. I can now see why that ability would be important.
That must be quite a "kick-ass" internet... I'm "not there" yet, but maybe someday... :)


Flashbacks! Wow, that was the bomb back in the 90s - everything you loved about Win 3.x on Win98. :)
What?!? :wacko: You mean it's not "the bomb" anymore?... :unsure: Am I still living in the past?... :D All joking aside, I tend to do that... In my first years of WinXP, I still had used a small app back from Win 3.1 that it's only function was to "call" (execute) the current screen saver... (believe it or not, it took me a couple of years to be able to finally eliminate that).


Do what you can. :)
I will... Maybe this weekend I'll add something to the Wiki. I just hope it "fits" right in with the content that's already there... Let's see. I'll do my best.
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Well... If I use {version} to retrieve whatever content the web pages will give me as the last version (or current version there, online) and I use a regex applied to {file} to retrieve the current version on disk, they will certainly have different values, unless I update every single entry, every single time. With bandwidth restrictions, and wishing to know which version I currently have, {version} would give me the wrong versions for some entries if I don't update them every time. (see the image examples below)


Right after a "check all for updates only":



After you then exit the program, if you come back (another day); observe the difference between what is extracted from {file} and {version} :



Thanks for the links. I will take a second look at those templates. The first time around I looked at them I found them a bit complex and confusing for me; besides, there is 'zero-comment' in the code, so it makes it even harder for newbies like me with no real coding experience. I saved all of those codes you pointed me towards and I know if I take my time looking at them, I will find great solutions that I can adapt for myself.



I think I know how you feel... I have my Ghisler Total Commander with me everywhere I go on my pendrive. I do absolutely everything in it and from it; I like it so much I gave it as a birthday present to my father once; unfortunately, he didn't appreciate it as much as I had hoped he would... :D



I want to help with content, but as a newbie, I have my doubts if the content I will include will be accurate enough and use the proper language and formatting; There's always the option of rolling back whatever I edit anyways (and I surely won't be offended by it), but I don't want to be an inconvenience; I want both to help new users like me with the little knowledge I'm gaining and give back a little work for a freeware program that is so helpful to us.


I can see 2 areas that are really missing content right now on the wiki:

  • Custom Columns (some examples and screen caps on the wiki are still from the time you apparently only had 1 or 2 Custom Columns fields available on the interface)
  • property:X variables (there's only a vague reference to look at the exported XML, and I think it could be incredibly useful for newbies if the content were to be more detailed)




Can you share your settings file and template.

And Can you do it?




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