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I'm using an external logging script that alerts one of my servers (in order to update an RSS feed) that an update has been released.


I don't currently use the exit codes and wget for downloading those apps that really need it (where there are multiple files), because there hasn't been a way to both use an external download script and still trigger the internal "after update" script that I require for monitoring.

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+Special value "{categories}" for placeholder "options" attribute

Use "{categories}" as value for "options" in a template placeholder to let the user choose from the list of categories instead of a custom list.


 <placeholder name="Software Category"  value="" options="{categories}" />
or even this instead: <placeholder name="Software Category" options="{categories}" /> 

does not work for me here... (it seems it's not parsed - I get only one literal value of '{categories}' as an option)


has this special variable been removed since then? :unsure:

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