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Update by Update the only way?!

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No. In situations like this, the easiest thing to do is export the entire thing to XML (File, Export All), then open it up in a text editor (I prefer Notepad++) and do a find+replace to edit the specific fields. If you already have one that is "updated" and one that isn't, just find those within the source and find/replace should be pretty easy. When you're done, import the file again (File, Import) and it will overwrite the settings of all of the existing apps with those from the XML, effectively acting as a bulk update.

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True, but you can use a stop list for words. for example, there's no good reason for viagra or some of the other terms used in some of these spams to EVER appear on this forum. We could add the URLs used by successful spammers (spam posts that make it thru) to the stop list so those wouldn't appear again.

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