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I searched the forum and did not find anything on this feature, so I decided to request it. If I've overlooked something I apologize in advance. Occasionally when opening Ketarin I get a message saying something like "5 applications have been updated, would you like to apply these updates?". Unfortunately, I have no idea what the 5 updates are and which programs they effect, so I'm not sure if I want to allow the changes.


Maybe I just need a better explanation on what is changing because it may not even effect my downloads. Maybe someone could explain.


I've tried allowing the change and not allowing it, and it's hard to tell a difference. When not allowing it, all my programs still update correctly, but when I allowed them just now my download from Filehippo for Avira Antivir was changed to download from the AntiVir website, and the app name got changed to "Antiviru EN_US".


Would it be possible to see a list of what is about to be changed and allow or deny those changes individually with an option to "skip this update" if I don't want to be reminded again until the next update?


Either way, Thanks for this great piece of software! I've been searching for years for something like this since I didn't know how to build it myself. Appsnap and so many others fall short where you have succeeded. Thanks again.

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