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XML global variable auto expansion + UI Tweak


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It may be beneficial to have Ketarin auto-expand any user defined global variable found upon exporting an app to XML or to the online database.


It should be relatively simple, just have it search for all non-internal variables. Basically anything encapsulated in {} that Ketarin doesn't recognize without looking up the 'global variables' table.


Also upon importing an XML 'or' database app it will first consult all your global variables that you have in your Ketarin and then re-global variabalize them (I love making new words). So basically upon importing an XML Ketarin will go "Here is all the text found in all the global variables" then perform a "search and replace" function on anything found in the XML. So if there is a {root}Programs\Audio\Foobar2000 it will replace the {root}Programs\Audio with whatever the pre-defined global variable is. For arguments sake let's just say it is {installpath}.


So simplified when you export an app that has {installpath} you will in the XML get {root}Programs\Audio and when you import that XML ketarin will automagically turn {root}Programs\Audio back into {installpath} if that global variable is still present.


This should help greatly with sharing of apps and the like.



I listed this earlier but gave a stupid topic header for it but I would appreciate another icon for when Ketarin is actually performing install instructions. At the moment it just stays a green arrow throughout download/install, maybe a picture of a computer blinking or a HDD spinning to indicate local activity?



App processing prioritization, been propped up a few times but never really heard Floele's opinion. A lot of things get lost in the forums sadly enough so this is just being propping it up again. The ol' "Oh, this app has a number 1! I will process this first then number 2 if I find it and the remaining apps in the current sort order"



I used to have a long list but it got deleted in some mystical corruption, but I would appreciate it if we could allow global variables to contain all functions and whatnot in Ketarin :P pwetty pwease?


Feedback would be appreciated, just trying to help Ketarin get to where Floele wants it to go which is to be more user/noob friendly.

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App processing prioritization, been propped up a few times but never really heard Floele's opinion


Actually, I stated my opinion about this at least once. So again: Noted, will follow at a later time (whenever that will be). I'm currently trying to figure out the next step for Ketarin that will make it more useful for me.

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Was just fiddling with templates and I wanted to check before I spent another hour on it, does the placeholder regex= work for options= or is it only for value=?


I was wanting to offer a drop down list of textual items but it wasn't what was actually entered. i.e. I need a numerical value of 500 but want the user to only see "Desktop Drivers"


If it isn't possible that's fine, was merely curious.

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Shouldn't really be using this topic but more the moron is me.


I'm not 100% sure how to regex with this scenario.


Thing is it would be a regexreplace type scenario.


<placeholder name="Desktop" options="Desktop|Laptop" regexreplace="Desktop:299"/>


I know regexreplace isn't supported there but I just wanted to show what I was trying to achieve.


I just don't know how to get it to replace the Desktop value with the 299. Also can you do multiple iterations of regex without hassle? Just so I can do it for each 'option' basically.

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Yeah, that is what I was afraid of. Fair enough, the method I initially used (posted the template already in the templates forum) will suffice. It was more an aesthetic thing than anything else, i'm sure people aren't going to bitch about something that they will only need to see once for 5 seconds being a teeny bit messy.

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