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Hi, Flo!


The recent thread with all the minor feature requests appears to have been lost in the recent db corruption, so here's a thread intended to recreate it.


# variables support in user agent (ex: assign "{ie32}", which is defined as a global variable)


# contextual variables support within global variables (ex: {version} could be parsed within a global variable)


# iterative/heirarchial variables support in global variables (ex: {sfprefix} could contain {sfuser} and {sfpass} as "sf://{sfuser}:{sfpass}@")


# variable structures within the DOWNLOAD url should all be parsed and if they do not exist, be replaced with an empty string. This one requires a more detailed example, I think. Imagine the following download URL:


On my computer this would be parsed to something like this:


But should be parsed to something like this on OTHER computers that don't have "{sfprefix}" defined:



# {property:HttpReferer} is no longer working in custom columns. (actually, it looks like all {property:*} values are now broken references)


# cosmetic/language issue - replace "updating" and "update" with "downloading" and "download" to indicate the difference in meaning now that the installation functionality is included.


# add a link to the Forum in the Help menu.


# add ability to purge the log at will (especially useful when developing a new app profile)


# add ability to right-click on a cell and "copy contents"


# add more custom columns (I could readily use five custom columns)


# add ability to enable inline editing within a custom column (if the custom column is mapped to a user-assigned variable, this would enable inline editing of that variable within the [variables] value for the specific app profile)


# add ability to style custom column value/cell based on a regex pattern (ex: "bg:red:(^$)" and "fg:orange:([^\d\.\-]+)")


That's all I remember. Anyone else have others?

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Last four are already available if you open and query Ketarin db with an sqlite browser




Being a little conservative, i still think + people could take advantage of a sort installation feature as this would allow to install runtimes + applications or applications + plugins in this specific order.


I would also like to have an option to disable 'error window', since i don't use it, and another to disable 'installing applications window' since i prefer to follow Ketarin progress by log only.

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Thanks Josh, but "available thru another program" isn't even remotely the same as having it readily available directly within Ketarin. If that were the basis of future development, the installation functionality, scripting, columns, categories, and so on. After all - you can do all of that manually or thru another application. :)


+1 on the ability to sort app installation order.


# now that infinite custom columns are available, I find myself **really** needing the ability to right-click and copy cell contents. Flo - it's like you gave me half my fantasy.

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Well, Ketarin is not a database browser and i suspect it never will. For more advanced stuff, like searching data in multiple tables, whatever, you are always going to need to go "thru another program". And besides, only a percentage of data in 'jobs' table is currently available "thru infinite custom columns". :) But don't get me wrong, i don't mind having these features at all, i'm just not sure how many people will actually use it and it seems to require a lot of coding when you have a simple alternative, but i leave that to Flo.

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