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Beta 1


+Added possibility to edit multiple applications at the same time

+httpx protocol (use GET parameters cookie:name=value and header:accept=value)

This would fix a 406 error we had recently. In this case the accept header was "missing". Use an URL like httpx://file&header:accept=*


*Relaxed context menu "disability"

*Increased search speed by 10x or more

!Fixed: compressed websites cannot be used for variables





Beta 2


+Allow an arbitrary number of custom columns

!Fixed: Property variables do not work anymore

!Fixed a couple of possibly unhandled errors

!Fixed a NotSupportedException





Beta 3


+Exit process setup instruction

+"Wait for exit" option for start process instruction

!Fixed: No longer tries to determine the FH version info unnecessarily

!Fixed: Order of setup instructions cannot be changed





Beta 4

+Allow variables in Website-URL

*Show application names instead of count for online database updates

!Handle SQLite locked exceptions properly

!Fixed: XML errors caused by source templates

!For PAD files, use automatic decompression when downloading an URL

!Fixed: {f:*} variables are not up-to-date within textual variables

!Fixed: Setup instructions from the default app template are inserted into all existing applications





Beta 5

+Added function "urldecode"

*Added function to safely terminate a process (that tries to exit a proces before using the more brutal method)

*Ensure that startuppath always ends with a backslash

!Fixed an IndeOutOfRangeException in multireplace

!Fixed: Go to regex match does not work after clicking "Load"

!Fixed a problem with CIV and exiting in pre-update script

!Fixed: Select command is not imported in the settings dialog

!Fixed: Application name text box and combobox appear to be focused

!Fixed an exception with empty CDATA elements





Beta 6

!Fixed: Category is not loaded correctly (regression rev 422)

!Fixed a crash when using invalid URLs in regular expressions



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Don't take this the wrong way, but addressing the issues with assigning header values this way is very funky, and I'm concerned about proper encoding.


For example, cookies have multiple values separated by ampersands (potentially multiple on the same line) and carriage returns within the HTTP protocol. How do we accomplish this with the new httpx protocol? Will the ampersands be URL-encoded automatically, or do we need to do that ourselves? Do we need to include multiple "cookie:name=value" parameters?


I really feel that this implementation is going to be a burden to maintain, and that your best shot is to use a datagrid, as you've done with global variable assignments and post data. Preferably with the ability to sort values in order of assignment, so the headers can be composed to comply with certain user-agent profiles (a common anti-spidering/anti-caching method is to enforce header sequence and conformity for popular UA's, and forbid other UA's). A datagrid that enabled us to assign both the sequence, form and structure of these headers would allow us to correctly obtain content from these strict sources.

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I'd do that, if it were more important. We didn't get a cookie issue yet (as far as I know) and also didn't need an Accept header until recently. So my assumption is that it won't matter a lot in the future either. If it will, I can still change the GUI.

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The following aren't expanded in the global variable


{appname:regexreplace: \(.*\):}



I'm not sure what you meant by 'relaxed' for global variables. Merely reporting anyway as it is the only thing left I need before I can globalize everything. wee

Edited by Omniferum
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Do you think many people use copy file dialog in setup tab? I ask this because i haven't used it before since i prefer to use the custom script dialog, but i find it's environment variables drop down menu very handy - any chance of migrating this menu or to have it also in custom script dialog...?

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3 things:


*How do i introduce pauses when executing post download commands?

Currently it seems Ketarin executes all at once but i need pauses.Otherwise things get...well...screwed up.

*Maybe add button to clear log(when i test a new script i want a clean log) and word wrap(so i won´t have to scroll to right constantly) to the log window?

*Add "Retry Failed" button to the bottom of the main window maybe?.Currently i have to manually select the failed ones and click update.


Also got an obscure error dialog:


(well dozens of them actually...i think each for an app - until i noticed something was wrong and clicked cancel).Oddly event viewer had no trace of this error so i can´t specify any more details.

Looked like a random thing.Could also be that my Win7 install is slowly going upside down.Im overdue for a clean install anyway.

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Okay, another tiny suggestion now that i had some time to make a screenie ... plz adjust the height of the script in display to the number of lines available in the script ... this way i can read all, comments and instructions without the need to open edit window, no need to guess anything, also reserve the edit button to edit ... and not to view ;-)

Edited by josh
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No, this sript has only the 6 lines you see in screenie. Generally speaking, most of my setup instructions, individually, are just 2-3 lines tops, although i may add more when testing ... so for me, if you could create a rule to display the first 3 lines of the script if they are available, that would be helpful ... even for scripts with more than 10 lines (wouldn't mind opening those)

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Beta 2


+Allow an arbitrary number of custom columns...



Custom columns can be added and removed but not edited?


Well still this feature is pretty awesome.Just added the following columns:





Should we update wiki about this yet?(given that this is Beta).

Edited by Tomorrow
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Thank you, Flo!


The FileHippo thing is (note case):



This feature has already enabled me to diagnose a problem. The "indicator for changes" field, apparently must NOT include braces. No wonder I was having a couple issues.


Bug: Editing a custom column creates a new one each time.

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i've upgraded recently to the latest Ketarin and... now FileHippo stuff is broken

For example i used smartftp from tutorial and Ketarin returns the following error:


Timeout. (http://www.filehippo.com/download/file/e43f8d6147b23ff77ad0fd7712f2136d9c4a73b357a35832dcb2c6dd9d9adadb)

The similar error with all the other templates, that were workable before upgrade.

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