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Execute the following command if a download is available


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I would like to suggest this new command box, to Execute a command if a download is available, as this would allow us to pass a command, via command-line, to a download manager or send a captured download link to clipboard that likewise would be handled by a download manager ... without triggering a download with Ketarin, since this is how the "Execute the following command before download" and "Execute the following command after download" work currently.


Ketarin works fine for me for 97% of my downloads, the problem i'm trying to solve with this is the remaining 3% of large and extra-large files that take forever to download.


I know several new features have been added recently, and people need some time to try them ... this is just another idea which i think it's possible to implement and it would be useful to many.

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Isn't that a "pre update" command essentially? Launch the download manager and do "exit 1". Or did I get that wrong?

You may need an additional variable "{downloadurl}" though, and also an additional exit code so that it is not considered an error.

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Ya, that's it, i didn't know that was available ... is this how it supposed to work?

09-10-2010 22:33:24: Secunia PSI: Executing command: exit=1
09-10-2010 22:33:41: Secunia PSI: Pre-update command returned '1', download skipped
09-10-2010 22:33:41: Secunia PSI: Failed, The custom command failed (exit code 1), download aborted

Doesn't make much sense to me, why is a 'fail' if i told Ketarin to abort? I assume, because it interprets as a 'fail', it goes on second retry and tries to download again ...

09-10-2010 22:33:41: Secunia PSI: Using referer: http://secunia.com/vulnerability_scanning/personal/
09-10-2010 22:33:41: Secunia PSI: Server source file: /PSISetup.exe
09-10-2010 22:33:41: Secunia PSI: Determined target file name: D:\USB-Toolkit\Test\PSISetup.exe
09-10-2010 22:33:41: Secunia PSI: Checking if update is required...
09-10-2010 22:33:41: Secunia PSI: Update not required, since date and file size remain unchanged
09-10-2010 22:33:47: Secunia PSI: Replacing {version} in '{version}' with ''
09-10-2010 22:33:47: Update finished

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