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Request: Multiple search, Regex a variable, split count


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Hi floele,


what I´m trying to do is:


Prefered method:

- Loading an url

- finding multiple strings with regex

- saving the results in an array

- using the array to generate a pool down menu

- splitting a variable and getting the last part without knowing the split counts, or maybe getting the max count as command


So I solved it for now:

- Load an url

- find the first match and save it in VAR "FirstMatch"

- load the url one more time, find the end of first match and use it for Regex cursor to find second match

- and so on

- manual scripting the regex, cuz every app needs another method to get the last part

Very complicated!


In many cases It would be a great function to do not regex an url, but a variable and see what the hell I´m doing. ;-)

Maybe I did not find the right way, but if it´s really missing, such function would be GREAT and would speed up the updates, cuz I could save a content in a variable without loading the url every time I need to run another regex.


Any idea?


Help me and I´ll give you the best SF-Template you´ve ever seen ;-)

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Ok. My fault to put too many request in one post.


We´ve got a Variable "Test" with content Appname-irgendwas-nochwas-dir-version-Freeware-win32.exe

I want the part Appname (ok easy), maybe the third one, and last one. As long as I know the max count, I could use {test:split:-:6} to get "win32.exe" for my needs.


What I´m missing is a function like {test:split:-:last} which would let me grab this without knowing the part number and max count of splits.


Another example (and thats what I want to use it for) is spliting a webpage with tables, classes and rows. I know the last class, or table or what ever can be defined with a <TAG> is what I need, but the max count of splits is unkown and alterates for different application (like Softpedia), or shown advertisements (many webpages).


Next I put the different Classes in one Array {myArray:Regex1, Regex2,Regex3,........}


Next I would regex the saved content of my array and not loading the url any more to extract desired information. But there´s no way to see what the result of my doing is, cuz in Ketarin we´re only able to regex an url and see the blue and red lines.


Hopefully it´s now more clear? Alternatively I could explain it in german....would be much easier ;-)

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The other option is to use something like this:



You can also regex pretty much any other variable to extract contents from it using that function...however, I would **really** love to have the ability to perform an XSL transform or use XSL selectors to obtain more specific info from HTML (like "slices" and such).

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Begin/End only works on certain HTML, too, though - so that's not really a good justification to exclude XSL. Even Regex is only useful if you can find a *unique* pattern that works for the specific data you're trying to capture. XSL is really a useful tool when it *can* work, and if it becomes an option within Ketarin, it could be very useful to those geeks like me that will find ways to make it work. :)


Also, if it's implemented as a function, instead of only a capture type, we would be able to utilize it with well-formed data once we've mostly sanitized it using other methods.


That said, I would really like the simplicity of using the IE "slice" method of simply tagging the returned region with an anchor reference in the URL.

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