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Assistance with {variable:multireplace}

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I'm rather curious as to how we can replace something with the : symbol, I don't see a way of making it treat : as text and not as an operator.


Only two of my links are given as %3A which is the : symbol, I want to replace %3A with : obviously. Also has %2F which is the /




That works for the / but the %3A is just replaced with nothing so i'm not sure how to get it. Any pointers?

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Were the first things I tried, didn't work.




That is what i'm trying to convert, as I said it is for a link. I can obviously just skip the http: part and put that in manually but I think it would be good for ketarin to be able to have an operator that says 'treat this as text' like the \ for regex

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I've never been in that position, but as a rule, you use the backslash to "escape" characters. So something like this ought to work:



However, it would be so much easier to simply extract only that portion you needed in the first place, and prepend "http://" in the download box:


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Got another one that's bugging me, i'm just trying to get the appname to be returned without any illegal windows characters




Just make Ketarin crash, but I assume i'm close enough to being correct. Can anyone give me that final thing i'm obviously missing?

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This should work for you:



However, as a rule, whitelisting characters is far safer than blacklisting. Thus, this should be more reliable:



That'll replace any non-alphanumeric or underscore sequences with a single dash. So something like "Title | my trip to mars: fun times!" will become "Title-my-trip-to-mars-fun-times-"

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