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Add Jumplist Support?


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Jumplist is a new Windows 7 feature that let's you perform some common actions trough an easy to use menu on taskbar.

For example jumplist can forward commands,keystrokes or shortcuts to be run after and item is clicked.


Since Ketarin has a few commands to run it with but no Jumplist i decided to make one:



I used a new program called Jumplist Extender that is currently still in Alpha stages but shows a lot of promise: http://jumplist.gsdn-media.com/site/Website:Update


Still it would be nice if Ketarin would have this feature integrated by default.

Btw Jumplist Extender allows to import/export custom jumplists so i share the one you see on the picture: http://cid-fc5590aa5aba6dcb.office.live.com/self.aspx/Releases/Ketarin.jlp?lc=1033

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Not because of XP, but because newer .NET versions are only slowly adopted. I'll rather wait a bit longer. Since .NET 3.0 and 3.5 are significantly larger than 2.0, I could understand if people don't like to install it.

Vista has 3.0 integrated and enabled by default.

Win7 has 3.5 integrated and enabled by default.



So users don't really have to install anything in those platforms at least.

And i suspect when Windows 7 SP1 comes early next year it could have .NET 4.0 integrated and enabled by default.

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