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Hi, all!

Yesterday I had a need to download offline Chrome installers for new builds of v109 which will still be supported until October for Windows Server 2012 and 2012r2. Unfortunately, the only downloads I could find from Google were all for the current release (v111+). After some digging I found a way to collect the exe installers for Chrome for v109 by sending the update query to Google servers. It works quite well and I rolled it into a PowerShell script so it could easily be reused by others. You can get the script here. Here's the usage for v109/Server 2012:

.\ChromeDownloader.ps1 win 64 -os 2012

This will download the current release of the offline Chrome installer for Windows Server 2012 x64. The downloaded file (right now) is 109.0.5414.129_chrome_installer.exe and would be installed using the following switches:

109.0.5414.129_chrome_installer.exe --do-not-launch-chrome --channel=stable --system-level

Additional optional switches are:

--create-shortcuts=2 --install-level=1

If you want to see the actual (pretty-printed) XML returned by Google you can use:

.\ChromeDownloader.ps1 win 64 -os 2012 -do xml

You can also use -do info to collect the permalink for the individual package.

.\ChromeDownloader.ps1 win 64 -os 2012 -do info

As of right now that returns:

Version: 109.0.5414.129
Url: https://www.google.com/dl/release2/chrome/juzaykgd5e6nyvk27fwtbrjgoa_109.0.5414.129/109.0.5414.129_chrome_installer.exe
File: 109.0.5414.129_chrome_installer.exe
Hash: 4441c778f7f4b91df40350dff2b37fd4afb81a0165239ec1dd5f750834f1b54a
Size: 93127208


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