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Copy as Table: you rock @floele!


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I've been making enormous changes to how I use Ketarin. I'm relaying some updates to a distribution server I control so they're more reliable and not dependent on a nonce for download, monitoring and recording change history to a database, have vastly increased the capabilities of the external version checking routines and automatic update system I wrote, and the vast majority of it literally depends on Ketarin.

Even so, one thing I still find myself having to switch to the server to extract via SQL for is the same data that is visible in the main Ketarin interface. CTRL+C always obtains the raw XML for the selected apps, and there is no equivalent (in the context menu) to "copy table" or "copy view". Even though I don't think I would use this more than once or twice per month, it would enable me to quickly identify outliers and defects without having to resort to recreating the table through SQL as I've been doing for years. I imagine it would pretty simple to implement as it would only require copying the content of the selected rows for the visible columns (including custom columns!) instead of the underlying structures for each app.

I pondered the best way to implement this and thought, "Hey, CTRL+SHIFT+C would be a good shortcut. Let's see if it's currently used for anything..."

Imagine my surprise when, lo and behold, IT DID EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED!!!

@floele, you rock! You've made this thing so intuitive that I'm starting to think Ketarin was actually produced by distilling my own brain cells when I wasn't looking. 

Thanks again!

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To anyone who reads this and wants to take advantage of the feature: just select all (CTRL+A) or select the apps you want to collect data about, press CTRL+SHIFT+C and then switch to Notepad++ and paste it. Make sure you have the Elastic Tabstops plugin installed.

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