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Is there anyway to create a notification/application within Ketarin for executables that you can't automatically download?

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Currently, I use Ketarin as my mostly one-stop shop to download all executables and then convert them into Chocolatey packages.  However, there are a few executables that I don't think it will be possible to automatically download using Ketarin.  For example, I was unable to setup downloads for some of the software I maintain, such as: Tenable Nessus/Nessus Agent, applications that require logins (SecureCRT), vCenter/ESXi updates, RPMs, etc. With that said, I feel like it would be relatively easy to find a revision history page and trigger an update in Ketarin, maybe by even just creating a text file as the download source.  My goal would be to make Ketarin serve as the only tool I need to look at it to check if there are any new software updates available for anything that I assist in maintaining, even if there are a few tools that I can't directly download with Ketarin.

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I'm pretty bad at explaining things, but I guess a shorter question would be is there any way I can create an application in Ketarin to check for updates that isn't an actual application/binary?  Take for example Nessus.  It changes the download path to a random URL that I could probably automate if I was better at it, but I'd be perfectly content with the "Update Available" notification upon just finding a change in the update history or a listing of the current version.

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Yes. Anything you want to execute can be performed in the pre-update command. You can use this to do something like email yourself, or pipe to a text file, or with the /log parameter. If done correctly, you can use just about any information you like (anything you've stored in a variable) in order to send it to yourself. There is a great example of creating your own changelog here using the "after updating an application" global command.

I leave Ketarin open 24/7 and pipe the results of every download to a log file in a global after-update command, and within the pre-update command for a few that use pre-update to perform the downloads or are only used to watch sites. I then use Notepad++ with the logfile open 24/7 so as updates are performed I can review the log and perform any actions based on what's new, such as reading changelogs for web packages like Joomla and installing any that are security updates, or triggering Chrome updates on all client devices and so on.

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