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New Adobe FTP problems

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Hi, all,

I'm seeing some VERY weird behavior with Adobe right now. Up until yesterday every Adobe Reader release was published to their FTP server the night before it was officially announced, and publicly announced via their PSIRT/security page and their release notes almost simultaneously upon release. I've been parsing the version from the release notes and building the download link based on the FTP server path but replacing ftp with https.

This week their release was different. It never touched the FTP server. In fact, the current release (20.013.20074) is still not there, but it is downloadable through their ardownload2 server...but I can't automate detection of filenames through their FTP server anymore this way. Grrrr.

Bottom line: Does anyone know what they've done with their FTP server? Where can I parse their new FTP data from?


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