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Restart program after update

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I have Ketarin setup as updater to all my portable programs. Some of them run 24/7 and I would like to kill/exit program if it is running and download new version, then restart killed program if it was running before. 

Is such a thing possible with Ketarin?

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Yes, and it's actually quite easy. You can use either the Setup instructions or the after-updating script to perform your installation. The general process is:

  1. exit program
  2. install update
  3. start program

How you exit the program depends on the program. Some you can trigger from outside so it can exit gracefully, others you'll end up using taskkill or pskill. This can be accomplished with taskkill using "taskkill.exe /IM excel.exe" where excel.exe is the program you need to kill. To start the program again just execute it (usually you'll want to use the full path).

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