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"exit 3" doesn't run post-update command

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This might be by design, but I hope not.

Using "exit 3" in the pre-download command doesn't run post-update command, though "exit 3" means:

Skip downloading, but update the "last updated" date of the application and mark as "update downloaded". Allows you to use an external download application to download the file, but still mark it as properly updated in Ketarin.

I just noticed that using "exit 3" hasn't been running my post-update command, so it hasn't been updating my external logging system. I really need it to be able to use the standard post-update command so that it'll allow updates to push the results to my server.

I don't want to have to maintain the post-update command in multiple locations ("global" plus in each pre-update command for those that use "exit 3").

I know it's possible to parse the post-update command from the database and inject it in the pre-update command using powershell, but I'd prefer to not have to use more than "exit 3" if possible. If necessary, I'm open to using "open 4" or any other exit code to preserve backward compatibility and offer post-update only to the new exit code.


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