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Help with One Drive links and Ketarin

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I was able to get one drive links to work with Ketarin however some links will not work and I have no idea why.  This is prob an issue with the links, but if anyone here could help, that would be great.

To achieve direct links with one drive I have to change a small portion of the link One Drive gives me.

For example:  One Drive Share link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjyAcx9AtLxQhh_QEsFAOtUaeooG?e=F3cjSV

Then all I have to do is change .ms to .ws and this gives me a direct link.  https://1drv.ws/u/s!AjyAcx9AtLxQhh_QEsFAOtUaeooG?e=F3cjSV

This above direct link will work correctly in a browser, but when I input the link into Ketarin and click install, once the file downloads, it doesn't show the correct file name and I can't use it to install the app I want it too.  This is what Ketarin ended up downloading y4mBZOwz9WS57U6yuRzOBhszJvXwAMOwDLkYIYNlGFq3ZqSxAw6GoZXh4EfTCXRjquvjtlQVKKIGRidiwSUt3rs-9JWRPzwyiNxyu4x4lVchr6I5OCV5FtkgcDHyPUi25HK-4AhJU26DxQ6Kbz4ipL5cbsVhHg2uRgsTBSMXQ-3DHVzGu5p6H8Yx0BEg51mvlDp.  The correct file name should be [UGX]nazi_zombie_rats v2

The strange thing is a similar file works correctly in Ketarin, and I have no idea why.  For example https://1drv.ws/u/s!AjyAcx9AtLxQgTlzxiINkJeqxGG2?e=EUEZlV

This names the file correctly and I can download and install it correctly. 

Does anyone have any idea to get these links to work correctly?


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If you know what the filename is you want to use, just change the save-as behavior to use the filename you want. I usually use this pattern:


Assuming that you want the filename to be "[UGX]nazi_zombie_rats v2.zip" you could use:

..\{category}\[UGX]nazi_zombie_rats v2.zip

Of course, if you're already using that as the app name you could just use:



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Thanks you soo much for your help.  Lol I tried for about 30min to get the scripts you provided to work, but for the life of me I couldn't get it to work.  After thinking a little though I finally got it to work by just adding to the Download location set it to "Save to file" and just added the map name to the end of the save folder.

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