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Guest esteregg
  1. I imported a template and told Ketarin to update all apps with it. It worked fine except it didn't change <WebsiteUrl>{url:ps}</WebsiteUrl> to <WebsiteUrl>{url}</WebsiteUrl>.
  2. When one tells Ketarin to update all apps with a new template, the apps data is updated. However the template stored within the apps stays the same. Shouldn't it be updated, too?
  3. Why is every app carrying around its template? Wouldn't storing the GUID and maybe the date or a version number be sufficient?
  4. When one makes a template by changing the settings of an existings app that was already made by a template and exports the new template, one gets a template within a template. I think Ketarin should drop the inner one.

Answer to 4: Just add a new app when making a template.

PS: I'll answer that random variable problem later.

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1) Show us the template. Anything we advise without it is only a guess. For example, it could be that the change you made was a "default", not an explicit value or part of the non-variable template structure.

2) No. The updates apply to the template as it differed from the original import, which may have used any variation in the specific template. The structure around the actual app should be modified fine, but the template reference should not.

3) No. For referential information (in case variables were in a different order originally, you changed them after the fact, or other minor edits to the specific app) the template, as it was originally created, needs to be the reference point.

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