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Trick for Offline Ketarin !!!working!!!

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This steps work without internet, just a sqlite sentence for made it with DB Browser for windows -> download   http://sqlitebrowser.org

Example: you are copying your ketarin in a usb drive, and your repository to another partition/usb drive in the target computer

Tip: You can work with the portable DB Browser for SQLite from your usb drive and  made there all the changes.


  • Backup your jobs.db database (just copy to another limbo)
  • With your Globals Variable not work,  SO DO NOT CHANGE YOUR GLOBALS VARIABLES, you need them for the new check/update programs
  • For ketarin offline mode you need replace the new path in the field PreviousRelativeLocation from your jobs.db database.

You have your utilities in



For your network shared for example your default repository is located in "d:\repository\" you can change for  "\\myserver-ip\foldershared\"

in the SQL Execute, see the picture below

UPDATE jobs SET PreviousRelativeLocation = replace(PreviousRelativeLocation,'..\repository\','\\CHANGE_ME_FOR_NEW_PATH\');

so now you have in all rows:



  • Save the Changes!!!! database or not work
  • and done!!.

i tested in offline computers without internet, windows 7  64 bits and windows 10 64 bits, last update March 2020.

Even after updated some programs i changed the database and tested from another computer without internet and was working like charm, see the winrar picture

i attached the sql file if u dont want write a litle words.

Thanks to Ketarin developers, i need work now for make money and inv you a coofe xD





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You could also do this from the command line without having to open DB4S. Download sqlite3.exe (it's in the sqlite-tools-win32 package) and put it in the same folder as your Ketarin database (or in your path). Create a batch file next to your Ketarin database and put this in it:

sqlite3 test.db "UPDATE jobs SET PreviousRelativeLocation = replace(PreviousRelativeLocation,'..\repository\','\\CHANGE_ME_FOR_NEW_PATH\');"

Be sure to replace '..\repository\' and '\\CHANGE_ME_FOR_NEW_PATH\' to the correct original and new paths. 

And, this is important, be sure to quote the strings in single-quotes, NOT double-quotes. sqlite3 is a stickler for true SQL syntax, so only allows single-quotes for wrapping string literals.

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