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Update All exception error

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At which program does this message appear or where exactly does the update process stop? I've been getting a similar message for a few weeks when I try to download iTunes.  The last few years the download has been working fine and suddenly there are problems (Ketarin crash with a similar message).

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If we go back 5+ versions it used to work very well even with FH, but after FH crashed and now the malware I stumbled across on FH, I don't really go there. Ket has changed and now just seems to be more complicated and the only people that really know how to drive and use it are the developers rather than making it user friendly. As for what application, its random.

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Sorry @jokerfool for the long delay in response. sometimes i dont get notifications from the forum.

Is it downloading to a slow drive or network location? I swapped out my Ketarin storage drive to an SSD and it made a huge improvement in my ability to bump up the simultaneous downloads. 

Are you writing to an external log or update list file? You could be getting a race condition from simultaneous downloads both trying to write to the log at the same time.

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