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Error "délai d'attente de l'opération a expiré"

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Since some days i have a lot of apps that a cannot check or force update.

For example :

AnyDesk    Le délai d'attente de l'opération a expiré. (https://download.anydesk.com/AnyDesk.exe)
AllDup    Le délai d'attente de l'opération a expiré. (http://www.mtsd.de/download/AllDupPortable.zip)
Ant Renamer    Le délai d'attente de l'opération a expiré. (http://update.antp.be/renamer/antrenamer2.zip)
CDBurnerXP (32-bit)    Le délai d'attente de l'opération a expiré. (http://cdburnerxp.se/downloadsetup.exe)

The messages are in french because .... i'm french :-).

Is someone as the same problem.


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Good morning, @Hulk91.

I tried each of your links and they all failed for me because the links had foreign characters embedded within the URLs. Stripping those characters out allows the link to work again. I have personally experienced problems with the new builds munging characters in a few of my apps (replacing "\\&" with "\\\&"), so they had to each be fixed again before they would work. I suspect something similar happened with yours.

The easy fix is to open notepad or notepad++ and paste the URLs into there and see if the non-breaking space becomes visible for you as either a space or a question mark. If not, consider pasting the URL alone into a command prompt or powershell. Remove the invalid characters, copy then paste the clean result back into Ketarin.

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I just tested it, and it works for me with https://anydesk.fr/downloads/windows

Alternatively you can use the redirection from

But I think it's weird that this problem also occurs on other sites. Which version of Ketarin do you use?

Otherwise pay attention whether a user agent is required and whether a referer is necessary for the download. Maybe this will fix the problem.






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