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Unhandled exception when reading variable from local file

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When i add a variable to an application, which is part of the download URL (for example https://download-installer.cdn.mozilla.net/pub/firefox/releases/{version}/win32/en-US/Firefox Setup {version}.exe) or the filename (for example d:\Firefox {version}.exe), and the variable is read from a local file, then canceling a file download (update or force download) will result in an unhandled exception error:


I get the same error with Ketarin and 1.8.11 Beta.

These are the steps to recreate this error (using Firefox as an example):

  1. Create a text file (c:\firefoxversion.txt) and write a version number into it (68.0).
  2. Create a new application in Ketarin (Firefox), and add a version variable to it. Change the type to Content from URL (Regular Expression), add the path to the text file into Contents from URL (c:\firefoxversion.txt), and add [\d\.]+ as the regular expression.
  3. Add the download URL: https://download-installer.cdn.mozilla.net/pub/firefox/releases/{version}/win32/en-US/Firefox Setup {version}.exe
  4. Add a path to Save in folder (c:\).
  5. Update (or force download) this application.
  6. Cancel during the download.

I uploaded firefoxversion.txt and firefox.xml. To test this, import firefox.xml into Ketarin and copy firefoxversion.txt to c:\.

firefoxversion.txt firefox.xml

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