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How To Install Files From Ketarin

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I’ve figured out how to download and update the file. But every time I click the install button it says Software Name: Skipped since no setup instructions exist. Am I suppose to set up instructions for if it’s a: .exe or a .zip file & etc? Is there a way to have it silent install in the background using the same prior settings? The only way I currently update the files with this program is by right clicking Open file after it downloads the update.

Also, I get an error (the downloaded file is not a binary file type etc status code 200 etc) whenever there’s a delay in downloading the file from the manufacture’s site. Example: Please wait a few seconds before the download starts. Is there a way to fix this without relying on filehippo? Any information regarding this matter would greatly be appreciated, thanks.

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Short answer, yes. There's a tab (Setup) in the app properties for you to create and tailor setup instructions for each individual application. There are many examples in the forum here, and more on the wiki here, and more on the Unattended page here. Ask us for help with specific apps and we're happy to help here, too.

To help with a specific download we typically need to see what the site or download is. The simplest solution is to add a pre-download command that just issues a delay. This is easy in powershell with the following (which will wait 10 seconds before proceeding):

Start-Sleep -s 10

To use this go to the Commands tab then change the language to PowerShell in the first drop-down box. Finally, paste the code above into the top box ("execute the following commands before downloading").

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