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Could not submit to the online database

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When I check the box "Share this application online with others" into the "Advanced Settings" tab I receive the following error on Ketarin Log:



26/12/2017 23:23:51: Could not submit 'SQLite ODBC Driver' to the online database: Unhandled Doctrine\DBAL\Exception\ConnectionException exception:An exception occurred while executing 'SELECT DeleteId 
                                    FROM app_deleted
                                   WHERE ApplicationGuid LIKE ?' with params [{"0":"cd7699b7-2123-4d76-9dc9-589285cd8540"}]:

SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1142 SELECT command denied to user 'ketarin'@'localhost' for table 'app_deleted'


I can add, update and install applications just fine: I just cannot contribute to the community sharing applications.

I already tried to use sqlite3 jobs.db "VACUUM;" on my DB to try to fix it as @shawn stated on:

I'm using Ketarin 1.8.8b4 on Windows 7 64-bit with .NET Framework 4.7.1 installed

I imported my jobs into a new DB using export/import funcions from Ketarin, filled the author GUID in Help > About on my forum profile and the error still remains.

And just a contribution to the Community: I'm not sure if the changes made on the way the users contribute to the User Database is benefic. 

I think it limits the way the people can contribute to the online database. There is no warning on Ketarin GUI informing about filling the Author GUID on the forum profile to send updates. And it justs add burocracy to the process and doesn't resolve the issue stated by @floele about application quality on the DB. I believe it would be better having it freely (anyone can send application updates) and having a score system as stated by @shawn and @floele would provide better results.

One question that I have about the online database is how it deals with updates. E.g: I imported an application from the online DB. I changed the setup instructions logic or fix a URL with error 404. This changes will be sent to the online database or only the author can change the application that it creates?

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Only authors can update their submitted applications. If you want to fix one: copy it out, edit out the Guid of the specific ApplicationJob, change the name, then paste it back in, you can modify it and submit it as a new entry.

It doesn't look like there have been any updates to the online applications listing in the last 7 months. I believe they're moderated, though I don't have access myself. 

There have been database issues in the past that caused problems with submission and management of the apps, often as a result of server changes. Hey, @floele and @crrodriguez we might have an application database issue again. I know there was mention that an update to the forum software might cause problems and require a rewrite of the applications extension. Unfortunately, any added features, such as scoring or moderation, require labor to make it happen, and that's the most difficult part for open source projects like Ketarin.


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