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jobs.db keeps old deleted entries

Guest xmas

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I saw by accident that maybe half of my jobs.db consists of old long time deleted entries.

Why is ketarin keeping them and is there a way of cleaning them for privacy reasons?

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You can use "vacuum" on the jobs.db to shrink it. This will purge unneeded archival data that has been marked for deletion but not actually removed. There are other suggestions at the link, too.

However, the safest way of purging your database if you're concerned about privacy matters, is to create a new one. Vacuum only purges data it knows to delete - there's always a chance it won't know, so recreating the jobs.db ensures that it only has access to the new information.

From the main Ketarin window: Select all, CTRL+C, open notepad, paste. Also go to the global settings (custom columns, global variables, global actions) and copy those out and label them so you know where they go when you create a new one and remove the ones you don't want/need anymore. Rename the jobs.db to something like jobs-20171213.db, then reopen Ketarin.

You'll have a blank new jobs.db, so go back and recreate the global settings first, then copy the original "select all" backup from notepad and paste it right back into Ketarin. This will put all your application profiles back.

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