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I just discovered Ketarin for a couple of software to keep it updated.

Now I'm actually trying to get my first software ready but I keep getting an error.


The problem is as follow:

On the download page I can clikc on a button " For Windows Version number xxx.xxx.xxx" and it will lead to a download page with the version number in the url and some other stuff (like date and a code number which i cant place)

From this page I have to click on the actual file to get it downloaded.


How can i do this automatic by using Ketarin?

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it's possible, but appveyor is designed specifically to prevent this, so it's challenging even for the best of us. you'd need to build multiple variables in Ketarin to capture the version, release URL, script from release URL, then scalp that content for multiple randomly generated keys for the blob URL, which is where the data is actually located. Then download that. It would take quite a bit of time to work around the safeguards designed specifically to prevent this.

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