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General tutorial for ketarin?


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im having difficulty understanding what ketarin can actually do and how to use it. for example, i have no idea what the "save to file" option does as opposed to "save to folder". i read through the wiki tutorial but its not very helpful at all, its actually annoyingly vague. i could go through all the posts in the "tips and tutorials" section of this forum but that would be way too tedious and still wont help me much. is the anywhere i can get a general walkthrough of all ketarins functions that explains it simply?

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the functions are regularly updated. a single walkthru couldn't possibly cover every feature, which is why the forum exists. 

the difference between "save to file" and "save in folder" is that in "save to file" you're explicitly giving the destination file a name, whereas in "save to folder" you're using the name of the downloaded file directly (some applications expect specific file names or patterns) as provided by the server.

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