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It would be good if there were also some other sites that allowed files to be downloaded from like Filehorse, sourceforge etc, show an example like using the variables on how we can just enter a keyword to download the file that rather a string of letters and numbers encrypted that offers the download for x amount of time then expires.

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There are many samples in the "Templates" section for various sites.

There are also over 3000 samples in the Applications repository - and you can search it based on keyword (like sourceforge) to see how others are working with specific sites.

The problem on most sites is that while they are a file distribution network of sorts, they don't necessarily have the most current file in a very consistent naming pattern, format and style, so selecting it from the page so you get the correct file is more challenging.

Here's a sample image I collected for an article I haven't had time to write yet:



On Sourceforge, for the FileZilla Client, they're claiming the "latest version" is - which is over a year old, 20 versions behind, and has at least 8 different security vulnerabilities that have been patched in the current release. This means that you can't trust the sourceforge "latest version" URL, and have to parse the directory structure that the developer created for their releases. Yes, it's a pain, but since it's not reliable any other way, it's the way it has to be done.

I prefer to use the original sites anyway. Yes, it requires more labor initially, but it's the only way to know for sure. Some sites, including sourceforge, have been blacklisted by developers since they started click-wrapping their installers with adware packages. It's not just evil, it violates their terms of use and they'd rather not have a distribution network infecting their users that make it look like the developer is at fault, when it's clearly the distributor.

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