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New column in interface

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I would like to have some add. info whether a package has a setup or not?  Would like to add 1 add. column 'setup' and have this filled with Y or N depending if setup instructions are available or not.  Not sure how to achieve this?  I would think of setting a variable and fill this with 'Y' or 'N' as textual content but that seems not the work this way.

Any assistance/guidance is welcome.

Thanks in advance. 

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unfortunately, i dont think it's possible to reference the setupinstructions field in the current context. it's been tried and reported as an issue in the past, but not currently supported. when it is, something like "{property.setupinstructions:regexreplace:(.+):x}" which will make those with setup instructions display an 'x' and those without show nothing.

until then, for those apps that you have included setup instructions you can create a custom app variable (text), such as "setup" with a yes or no value, then use {setup} in the custom column value.

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You could use a PS variable.

Make a PS script for checking the number of setup instructions (C#: app.SetupInstructions.Count), then create a textual variable with that script and run it with the "ps" variable function within a column.

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