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Reordering variables


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I was going to make a comment in my post mentioning that I knew it was possible via the method you've described.  That's why it's a feature request.  It would be much more convenient to have it built in with an up/down arrow next to the +/-.


I have avoided making these changes manually because it's only a cosmetic thing and I have hundreds of profiles I'd like to update.  Not to mention it's not something I look forward to because the performance of my instance of Ketarin is really bogged down by the number of applications I maintain.

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@shawn @floele I think it would be beneficial to add keyboard shortcut list on wiki. Or think about adding/enhancing options in context menus. For example thanks for F2 tip :) (made me crazy before). But also other shortcuts like CTRL + E / CTRL + D for enabling/disabling record, etc. are not known to public, I guess. So it would really help sometimes.

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