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Need My Download Link To Be hidden

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Hi guyz , i have been looking for a script which can hide The Source of that download link and if someone copied it > the link will expire for him only,


I did some research and found one site with the same thing below is the link check his download link how he have did that i really need it please 


  1. and also check the text file Attached, its the code which he is using on this download link ,
  2. its half of it but if some one can tell what is he using and how can i implement on my site 





ocean of code.txt

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While I appreciate the goal you're attempting to achieve, it really defeats the purpose of the application this forum represents (Ketarin). Our side of this issue is usually defeating the means you're attempting to implement. :)


That said, you're doing it wrong. ANY mechanism that relies on client-side input is going to fail. Miserably, in most cases.


If you absolutely must limit downloads, use session management on the server side with counters or single-use/consumable links to prevent replay attacks, redirection collection, and this will work. This can be accomplished in any server side language, from php to perl to .net, but it can not ever be achieved on the client side. The client (browser) will always be able to decrypt or decode whatever information you send to them, so if you impose your throttling/limiting through fancy form inputs or javascript encoding, at some point it has to be decoded in a way that allows the client to see it, and the second they can see it, they can figure out how to bypass whatever throttling/limiting rules you're imposing.


Google "php single-use download" for server-side samples that should work for you.

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