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IPB Applications usage poll  

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  1. 1. Is the "applications" area in this forum useful?

    • Yes, please keep it alive.
    • No, don't need it.
    • I didn't even know it exists.

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how do you feel about the "applications" app in this forum?



It's been available for quite a while now and I didn't get a lof of feedback in this regard. Does anyone actually use it? Is it worth being ported to the new version of IPB?

We need to upgrade this forum soon in order to install a newer version of PHP on this server and I do not plan of spending resources on rewriting this addon if no one needs it.

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Despite how much I use Ketarin, which is almost every workday, I regretfully don't visit the forum unless I think there's a bug or have a feature request.  As such, I never noticed a forum for application profiles (perhaps because it's not listed as a discussion group).


With that said, I downloaded a few profiles to get an idea what it was about, and (with no offense to their authors) didn't find much value in what I downloaded.  If someone would like to point me to an exceptional example, I'd be happy to take another look.


I do like the idea, but I think for the concept to be truly useful it needs to be organized differently.  Sub-forums so that all applications profiles for a product are grouped together (e.g. Skype has 15 profiles).  In addition, some sort of enforced rating indicator that's visible in the subject line (e.g. Sumatra PDF was the only one I found).

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Yes, adding groups (if I let someone rewrite the module) would indeed a good idea to get a better picture of the applications list. Some moderator would have to group applications manually though...would anyone actually be willing to do that?

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it depends on the scope of effort involved, but i would be willing. i would be far more willing if it is either simple button interface so i can hit several at once, or allows SQL or some other mass-effect tagging. even if it's just a couple fields such as "where appname like [*adobe flash*] set category to [plugins]" where there's a freeform field for entry of adobe flash and a dropdown or multiselect box for the various categories. 


but i'd be open to doing it even if the tagging process were just a drop-down that appeared on each individual app page with a set button next to it. 

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I'll order an upgrade for the "applications" list, and upgrade to IBP within a few weeks (maybe there will be a short period of time where the module will not be available).


Any other wishes other than tags for the list?

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