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Filehippo - same link for 32 and 64 bit versions


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Here is another Filehippo bug. This time Filehippo combined 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the same program into one page.

Before this 32-bit and 64-bit versions had separate links. For example:




Now it's just http://filehippo.com/download_itunes.

This means, that Ketarin will always default to the 32-bit version. I had some 64-bit programs configured in Ketarin, and all of them were overwritten by 32-bit versions (because of MD5 mismatch, of course).

Also Ketarin can't read the version information from these combined pages.


Here is a sample code from the iTunes download page:

<ul class="dropdown-menu dropdown-menu-right" aria-label="Download Options">
                <a href="/download_itunes/download/60f64c4da702491f72d54a243d94669f/">
                    Version 12.4.1,
                    <span>32 bit</span>
                <a href="/download_itunes/download/42cdce9b0e41c35bb2eb16d211f9ae4e/">
                    Version 12.4.1,
                    <span>64 bit</span>
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Its the same situation with AVG.


I had moved all my downloads away from File Hippo and these were the last two remaining.


The solution : For this and other reasons, don't use FH; check the online database for "iTunes (Setup 64-bit)".


I had avoided using the job from the online database because initially it looked like a temporary hack.

After finding the solution on my own, it turns out it is not.


A solution, briefly :


1. At the download page : 



2. You'll find that the download button lives within an iframe :

<iframe src="https://swdlp.apple.com/iframes/82/en_us/82_en_us.html" 
title="Please select a download." name="myframe" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" scrolling="no">
Your browser is not compatible with this content; please upgrade to a standards-based browser.

3. Within this page - "82_en_us.html" - you'll find the download link(as of today, using browser dev tools) :



4. This can be matched for, at the specific url, with a regex:


or as in said online db job :



5. And along with referrer spoofing, the gotten url is used to download itunes. This leaves Ketarin to determine new versions based on file size.


Repeat for the 32bit version.


The solution for AVG is much simpler, if you need it?

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Considering there used to be unique IDs and now there aren't, this seem to be by design rather then a bug. I've written a wrapper / process around Ketarin that fetches software and feeds them into our enterprise software distribution system.  As we need to be able to get both the 32bit and  64bit versions of software for our different clients, we are basically unable to use FileHippo. That is unfortunate IMO.

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