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.NET framework error when editing application definition

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This has just started happening for me in Aug, 2015, with Ketarin 1.7.1.


After editing an app definition, making some change, then clicking OK, I get this dialog (ill-formed XML response from some server).  


    < PNG file attached >


possibly related to all of the constant NET framework updates from MS. Full details in attached txt file.


The changes are nonetheless stored if I click "continue" and then simply close ("[X]"  or "Cancel") the edit dialog.


I tried reinstalling 1.7.1 files, without change to behaviour.



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I've saw the same thing, but assumed it was because I had a failing hard drive (I've known for over a year it was coming). I took that as the impetus needed to finally replace my main drive with an SSD. I've spent the last few days reinstalling & configuring my software. What a huge time sink.

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