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Not updating properly...

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Hello, I've got a test environment that isn't working for me and I was hoping to get some insight as to why.


Current file version is 7.4.8


Here are my settings




So here's what happens: When I simply "Update" through Ketarin, a new file is not downloaded/saved even though I see the progress bar progress.


However, if I "Force Download", or if I delete the original file, then Ketarin successfully retrieves the updated file. What am I doing wrong?

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That may be the case, but without actually testing the URL variable myself, I can't investigate to see what the problem might be. I can theorize all day, but "guess" in one hand, you know?


The options in your settings above are correct, which means that the problem is actually with the download itself. If the file at the URL is returning the same size and/or timestamp that it was between versions then it's not really a different file and will *not* be downloaded. You could, of course, actually run the file to ensure it really is the file version you think it is, but the version that's represented in the first image is obviously NOT the current release from the {Version} variable, which means you're downloading the wrong version. Or, simply, the URL is wrong.


This isn't a Ketarin issue, but a source issue.

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If you check the files referenced by 131 ("authors site") and 293 (bleeping computer), the timestamp and size on them is different. Use the author's site download to get the most current version.


Look at the bleeping computer app profile page and it says it was "last updated" on Aug 19th, yet the file on MBAM is dated Aug 21st and the file on BP is dated Aug 18th. Even better is that the URL from MBAM uses their static structure, which means it won't be cache-blocked or changed over time. You can use the direct link and it'll always get the current version.

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