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Ketarin old version?

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Yes I've had updates on almost every run of Ketarin, and I do quit the program between update attempts. But no I have not imported anything from anywhere, I have keyed in all my download entries...

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OK, I misunderstood when you wrote, "When you update to x.13 (x.12 in help), you get a initial pop-up saying that "x_updates where found". If you press "cancel", urls are not updated, so you keep original urls intact. This is a run-once pop-up." I thought you were talking about when I click the 'update' button. I just re-read the thread from the beginning, and I see the question about the URLs was with the online database. I missed that.


I don't use the online database, so not getting the pop-up is actually a good thing :-)




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Hi again Flo,


Great job!! :D


Starting v0.9.9.14 Ketarin is giving me all I have hoped for (and more),

even on my old W2K Box in my Internet-neck-of-the-woods :lol:


Many thanks and best regards,



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